Do Newspapers Have a Future? Essay example
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Running Head: Future of Newspapers Future of Newspapers [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Future of Newspapers The use and availability of information technology has been a continuing danger to the future of newspapers. Moreover, there are also a number of other conditional and environmental factors which have affected their success.


Newspapers have some problems inherent within them that can possibly be the cause of their decline in popularity (Gawenda, 2008). First of all, most newspapers are in black and white which provide a drab and boring source of information. Readers prefer a more illustrious and colorful source, which can provide them with vivid pictures of the occurring events. Moreover, the print in newspapers is usually of such a small size, that it is difficult and uncomfortable for readers to easily read it. Unfortunately, newspapers do not have a zoom in option. It is also very difficult to handle newspapers because of their size and to flip through them. Often the pages and sections all fall out and get mixed up while a person skims through the newspaper. Some newspapers are also available in color, however, the quality of the paper and the photographs is still of low quality which may not be as attractive to the reader. Readers usually prefer glossy photographs printed on laser paper which gives the reader a more exciting and clearer experience of reading the news (Vivian, 2008). However, the problems are not only limited to the design and texture of newspapers. Problems may also exist in the content of newspapers. ...
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