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Essay example - Critical Summary on "In Defense of Prejudice" by Jonathan Rauch

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Journalism & Communication
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Prejudice is necessary for a Healthy Society Introduction Pluralists are in contradiction of the opinion of altering linguistics to eliminate prejudice. Prejudices may not be all malicious in its entireness and consequently need not to be eliminated from any civilization but the superior need is to direct these prejudices in the optimistic track to get the better use of it…

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In his article, In Defense of Prejudice: Why Incendiary Speech must be Protected, Jonathan Rauch proclaims that his object is not of protecting any type of prejudice rather his article is supporting ‘intellectual pluralism’.  Thesis Societies cannot flourish without prejudice. Analysis of "In Defense of Prejudice" Jonathan Rauch asserts in his article "In Defense of Prejudice" that in its effort to defend smaller factions of society from "hate speech" civilization is confining intellectual freedom and proposes that a methodology permitting liberty of expression and discussion of detestable philosophies will eventually lead to a more flexible and welcoming society. To nurture admiration for his proposal rather than laying it off as the nonsense of a romantic and an idealist, it is imperative to comprehend the article’s context and author’s circumstances. Jonathan Rauch is a homosexual, Jewish author, journalist and a futurist, born 1960 in Phoenix, Arizona. After his graduation from Yale University, Rauch started work at the Winston-Salem Journal in North Carolina, for the National Journal magazine, and ultimately as a self-employed writer. A criticizer of U.S. ...
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