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Journalism & Communication
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Elliott (2009) in the news of NPR indicates that the move by Alabama has had heated debates on its legitimacy. With the decision likely to be made,…

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The system accepts one’s driving license as a proof of citizenship.
This move may result into many states adopting the feature into their systems; though debate keeps ranging on whether the judges shall rule against or for the case. The authorities in the state say that they shall be alert to prove on what the law stands for in Alabama. In the meantime, the A-L program will continue being effective. In the news, Elliott (2009) continues to argue that the Representative of the Revenue Department, Julie Magee is said to be very optimistic on this move to stop the earlier non-compliance concerns in the Immigration Department. Magee is quoted saying that she might not really know much on the expenditure of the A-L verify system but is very aware that the functioning of the system will benefit Alabama in a great way, from her explanation on how the system works. It may be too late for the law to restrain the move as it has already been implemented in a way, and is functioning really well.
With the Hispanic population standing at about a hundred and forty five, just a minute section of the population, judge Blackburn is said to rule on the Alabama case. It is evident that the financial burden on the shoulders of the populace has been too heavy. Though the law might affect so many farmers negatively, through discouragement of the Hispanic population working on the farms, the Alabama citizens are extremely eager to get away with the ...
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