Textual Analysis of Nafta in the Media Essay example
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Introduction Analyzing text is an important skill that must be harnessed for proper use since text analysis gives confidence to published text. There are different methods of textual analysis and they differ compared to the period the analyzed texts were produced.


However, the trade agreement has received criticism from different quarters in the United States and thus a textual analysis of all the comments was necessary. Analysis of NAFTA data The process context analysis involves quite a number of procedures and data sourced from different sources. Most of the criticism of NAFTA came from administrators, politicians and other experts through newspapers articles, websites, online publications and the mainstream media. In the process of analyzing text it is important for the researcher to conduct the study by collecting data rather than making wild unsupported claims (pg. 140). The messages and data attributed to the NAFTA agreement by various administrators in the United States should be analyzed carefully using evidence. Evidence based research is important in validating the data produced or relayed through various media. Messages being relayed by various interested parties interested in the NAFTA go through a lot of processes in their production. Data on NAFTA has been in existence since 1994 when the agreement when the agreement came into existence. In the process of context analysis it is important for the researcher to collect information from different sources. For the data to have empirical data value it is important for the researcher to conduct analysis by identifying and contacting the participants. ...
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