Journalism, Mass Media and Communication: How They Influence Politics

Journalism, Mass Media and Communication: How They Influence Politics Essay example
Journalism & Communication
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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication: How they influence Politics Author’s name Division Professor Date Journalism Mass media and Communication: How they influence politics Media, the Press, the “Paparazzi” all give the impact of stalkers who are constantly following and barging on people’s personal lives.


This article dwells on the artistic licenses that are granted to media in their depiction of current events or events of popular concern. This article looks at the influence of current events as popularized by print and mass media on politics on mass media, which are films. The topics chosen: * Media and the private lives of public figures * Cataclysmic predictions and the political viewpoint. The article reviews and reflects the information and the accuracy of depiction of similar concepts in movies and the overall appeal and influence of media on the mind of the public. Media and the Private lives of Public figures Media hype on personal lives of politicians is always viewed from a very judgemental standpoint based on standards set by media on its own and emulating the public’s viewpoints. Can media cause long term damaging effects or does the public really have a short memory. It is true that media only states and exposes what the people want to hear. In this case, it is the image of the perfect candidate for the presidential position. In America itself it has been researched that a 60% of Americans are concerned with the family values that their Presidential elect upholds. ...
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