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Reflective report - Essay Example

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Journalism & Communication
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Titles assist in organizing plays sequentially, hence allowing flow within a story.
The genre format as presented assisted the audience in the process…

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Reflective report

Lighting system creates important mood within each scene. For example, a green and somber soft light is used to present not dangerous and fearful scenes, but melancholic and depressing. Time slot may affect quality of the show since it leaves audience in much suspense.
Since the film is a story on one of the great countries of the world, it will attract and appeal to a wide demographic of consumers from all walks of life, the young and the old alike. Genre as used in the films assists in limiting the scope of the film for the audience, writer and director of the programs.
As used in tagline, each genre has unique elements capable of making distinctive from others such as story line, setting, characterization, style, star actors, and creative devices like action sequences. Such cases present elements of genre that requires repetitive presentations for familiarization to be established. There is an element of creating certain dispositions within audience minds whenever they view it. The program concept is extraordinary, which is one of the main things that create some sense of uniqueness (Wright, 2002).
The program acts as one of the most desired examples, since the program content represents actual masterpiece sorted after by viewers. The program reveals some level of relevance based on general life hence keeps the audience entertained through various humorous instances. Several scenes used in the program utilize great set of aesthetics connecting perfectly with appropriate mood and feeling.
Various technologies should be considered in such scenarios where director should be familiar with programs and scripts presented. Emphasis should be on nature of casting utilized. There is also issue on editing which should be of high quality as well. Issue on video transitions requires attention to ensure complete flow across the scenes. Few programs are known to be capable ...
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