Cross-Cultural Communication: Talking Drum

Cross-Cultural Communication: Talking Drum Essay example
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Talking drum Name Institution Talking Drum Section 1 In Hopson’s view, people have inquisitive commands towards construction of knowledge and its circulation in the world. He insists that many people have duly related non-profitability due to wrong perceptions in multiculturalism.


It is with such notions that he states that culture should be used to enrich the society from its positivity. Dwelling on the negative side of culture and multicultural stimulations is negativity in the society that is outwardly rebuked. Hopson is on the frontline of ensuring people are appreciating the best practices in culture (Hopson, 2005). Therefore, different cultural groups in the world should learn to dominate their cultural introductions with the best practice to come out with the best results during multi cultural practice and overview. Hopson tries to succinctly elicit of the instructions that could be used in informing people about the communications that should be used in race and culture. Race and culture are two factors that could be used effectively to pass information about different practices that are prevailing in the world. He continues to elicit on the black and African culture that is prevalent in the world. He states that black and African American culture has a wide range of cultural and social issues that could be used in the current developing world. Though the social and cultural practices may look updated, Hopson incites that they are of greater help in the current world. This is a book that will help learners to focus on the positive attitudes towards cultural expressions and practices. ...
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