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Notion of Disciplinary Societies and Societies of Control

Various ways of control are done as laws are not the only means of it but also through rewards and punishment (Deleuze 1995, p. 5). People who show exemplary values to the society by following the laws and doing their duties for the society are rewarded. On the other hand, violators face the consequence of their actions as they receive the punishment. Punishments are then penalized in various ways and in different degrees. Bribes and stealing may be penalized by lighter sanctions like less than a year of spending time inside the jail or by fines. Higher degrees of crimes are punishable by the law via life sentence and even death penalty (Foucault 1977, p. 130). Another way of prevention of those crimes is through discipline. It is primarily taught at school as the learners must learn the value of self-control. Other programs are even conducted by the government to ensure the proliferation of discipline among the people in the society. It is a good way of preventing crimes from becoming widespread. It also serves as a way of control though it may not be a direct approach. The time nowadays seems to pass by quickly as changes happen almost everyday. ...
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Notion of Disciplinary Societies and Societies of Control By (Name) (Module title and number) (Subject) (Professor) (Date) Notion of Disciplinary Societies and Societies of Control Society has been used to the existence of crime as history has proven. Various forms of violence occurred throughout the world that led to devastations of lives, livelihood and society as a whole…
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