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Name Here Course Name Here Professor Name Here May 8, 2012 Identifying Female Masquerading Through Film Whether their roles are biographical representations of famous women throughout history or as full of fantasy as playing a fairy godmother, female characters have captivated audiences with their ability to connect, empower, seduce, command and show compassion.


and woke up with me.” When translating the allure of female sexuality on screen to the realm of media theory, it is clear the concept of female masquerading is a major component to the film industry. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and define the role female masquerading plays in film by comparing how the media theory of imaginary signifiers can be applied to the concept. The following paragraphs will give an overview of each media theory as well as discuss how each notion applies to and affects one another. Through this analysis, the goal of this essay is to establish that female masquerading is a subversive strategy to further progress the impression a female character makes within a film. Before beginning with the analysis portion of the essay, it is important to first provide some insight into the concepts of the female masquerade and imaginary signifiers within the film industry. Concept Background In beginning the informative portion of this paper, the first concept to be discussed is the female masquerade. According to Mary Ann Doane, female masquerade is an essential part to the representation of women in movies. ...
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