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Admission/Application Essay example - Reflection Assignment

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Admission/Application Essay
Journalism & Communication
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The Texas hospital case study reveals that leaders should be able to determine the proper frames that demonstrate commitment to solving problems to the public and frames that improve organizational policies and procedures within and among organizations. Framing refers to the…

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I want to talk about leadership framing in my organization and the case study. My experience as the Vice President of the Finance Department shows that framing is essential to the formal and informal ways of integrating newcomers into the organization. Leaders must properly align these ways towards ensuring the development of the values of collaboration, responsibility, and integrity because they help the latter be aware of and adapt these values as new organizational members.
Before discussing the application of framing theory on my experiences, I want to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this theory. The strengths of framing are its empirical support and ability to analyze leadership communication styles. First, some studies already verified that framing affects cognitive and affective responses of target audiences (Gross and DAmbrosio 1). Second, framing may also enhance leadership communication styles if it leads to leaders’ greater awareness and control of their framing practices and effects (Miller 192). The weaknesses of the theory are that it may simplify the complex processes of communication and behavioral interactions between leaders and their subordinates and between leaders and other stakeholders and it may concentrate more on cognitive frames, at the expense of affective frames. Framing may overlook complex interactions that produce different communication styles and behaviors. It may also highlight cognitive frames and overlook the impact of frames on emotional responses and how the latter can shape cognitive frames too (Gross and DAmbrosio 2). I want to know how the theory further shows these weaknesses and strengths in my experiences with the class.
As the Vice President of the Finance Department, I learned that the organization is framing the formal ways of integrating newcomers into the organization through highlighting the values that should guide the latter’s fulfillment of their roles and responsibilities in the mission ...
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