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Emotions and personal experience in rhetoric - Essay Example

This kind of rhetoric can be incredibly powerful, because of its emotional resonance and ease of understanding, but it can also be a double-edged sword, because it is so difficult to transfer to different contexts, and so bound in emotional understanding. In the assigned text, personal experience plays several important rhetorical roles. In fact, it fills most rhetorical purposes that are possible: it is the reason the author is interested in the subject, forms the basis for the author’s authority on the subject of vaccination and disability that he or she discusses, and serves as an emotionally poignant point of connection between the author and his or her audience, which both strengthens and weakens his or her argument simultaneously. The author’s interest in the subject – vaccination and its link with disabilities such as autism – seems to stem entirely from his/her personal experience in dealing with his/her family. The author seems that he/she would have no other interest in the subject if not for the fact that it has, in his/her opinion, directly impacted his/her family. The author discusses the effort his/her family put into pregnancy, “not smoking,” and “not drinking” and being careful about mercury intake via fish, only to have, all of that work undone by vaccinations, or so he/she believes. Personal experience also serves as this person’s primary source of authority on the subject. Though he or she does quote some statistics at the close of the argument (with no evidence of where

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 In fact, the smartest speakers often fell into trouble because of the momentary lapse of concentration in using words or topics in public meetings. Because of the continuous flow of words and lack of control over emotions, leaders often use improper words, phrases or topics, which we usually refer as slip of tongue.
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Emotional Personal Experience
Thus, by this definition it becomes clears that the concept of emotion has both physiological and cognitive explanations which are further justified by virtue of various theoretical frameworks put forth by various theorists. The literature on emotional psychology talks about biological, sociological and even psychosocial perspectives of these emotional responses.
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Whatever the reason for divorce may be, children suffer the blunt of it all as parents engage in their battle for supremacy, and through this paper seeks to illustrate challenges I faced following my parents’ divorce. The case was no different for me as my parents who had been separated for a while started with the divorce proceedings.
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This question can be answered by providing examples of people and situations in which emotions are artificial as well as by providing evidence from research regarding fake emotions. Actors are perfect examples of people who display fake emotions during plays and films.
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In George Campbell's opinion, "Rhetoric is that art or talent by which discourse is adapted to its end. The four ends of discourse are to enlighten the understanding, please the imagination, move the passion, and influence the will".3 As for me, rhetoric is verbalization of all power of fascination, which serves in most cases for persuasion or mutual understanding.
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Personal experience
If we realize the scope and depth of our own role in a group, it may help us immensely to make others feel friendly and comfortable. For instance, the space we give others for self-expression is apt to make them realize how we respect their ideas, no matter
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Comparing Rhetoric Styles of Kennedy and Clinton
Smartest speakers often find ways to overcome such rhetorical problems they may face during their speeches. They will never give the opportunity to the
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He also notes that opposite messages are in most cases signaled by opposite movements and postures (Pinel, 2009). According to Darwin, the complexity of the coordinated autonomic
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My formula for happiness is to live life in its trials, tribulations, duty and beauty. The world cannot run on the concept of total happiness at all times. In the absence of total happiness, carry on with the available happiness. I count my blessings in life
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ic speaking fear may be eradicated at the early age of a child but if it is not eradicated at this age then through reappraisal using the prefrontal cortex can be used to inhibit the fear of public speaking. For the reappraisal, it helps to mitigate the unpleasantness while the
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those statistics arose or other efforts to validate them), they demonstrate no formal or informal education that would authorize them to talk on the subject. They give no indication that they possess a degree in science or medicine, for instance, and other than a basic injunction for his or her readers to “read” up on the dangers of vaccinations, shows no particular proclivity towards academic education. So this author’s authority to speak on the dangers of vaccination seem to stem entirely from the fact that he/she vaccinated her seemingly healthy children, and then soon afterwards began noticing symptoms of severe illness that he/she continues to connect to the vaccination. Personal opinion as the basis for authority is important, rhetorically speaking. It can be an incredibly convincing argument, especially in the right contexts. When people make decisions with which their peers have experience, one of the first things they do is seek advice from people who have greater experience: from everything from laser eye surgery to parenting advice, as a society we value personal experience very highly. It is, however, also more dubious, especially on issues such as this where there could be significant scientific factors at play. Finally, personal experience serves as an emotional touch-stone throughout this piece. The author tells heart-wrenching and touching stories that are extremely rhetorically effective: the tale of a boy who “does not know his letters at 5” and “cannot get his hand to hold his toothbrush” cannot help but touch even the most cold hearted of readers. This emotional pull ensures that readers will connect to this narrative, feel for the author, and possibly be more sympathetic to his or her points. The emotional pull of this work can also weaken the author’s rhetorical standing, however. Everyone understands that emotion is something that can interfere with reason, and when the author, by attempting to construct a


Your Name Prof’s Name Date Emotion, Personal Experience and Rhetoric: a dangerous combination? Personal experience forms a fundamental component of how everyone interacts with their world: it creates ideas, as well as strategies for communicating them…
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Emotions and personal experience in rhetoric essay example
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