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[Student’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course name and code] 24 September 2012. Social Media Introduction Social media has played a very important role in the activation, empowerment, and modification of perceptions and their impact on change. Television and radio have remained very important sources of information across the globe for many decades, but have lost their credibility with the advent of social media.


Social media is such a rich source of information that it has become very easy for people to know the root-causes of problems, and make informed decisions as to what side they should support. Just like everything has certain positive and negative aspects to it, social media also has both kinds of effects on the society. Positive effects of social media include creation of awareness in the society regarding the real issues whereas the negative effect of social media is primarily the disorganized and uncivilized retaliation and protest of the people after they realize the potential ways in which they have been targeted. Positive Effects of Unbiased Reporting by Social Media Creation of Awareness in the Society about the Real Issues News channels like CBS and Fox News have lost credibility in the eyes of public since people learnt how these channels have tried to manipulate them and feed them with wrong information about the threats to the USA from Iraq, when there were none. There are a lot of ways in which the television channels tend to dodge the audiences in order to streamline their perceptions according to their agenda. ...
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