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William Randolph Hearts is among individuals who helped shape and influenced the broadcasting industry. He left a legacy in the history of mass media. By 1920s, he owned 31newspapers, which in every four read a Hearst Newspaper.


In his article, William Hearst Headlined his Era 1argues that no other newspaper mogul wielded like him. He established a remarkable trend throughout his career and hired the preeminent journalists available such as Ambrose Bierce, Richard Harding Davis, Stephen Crane, and Mark Twain. In 1895, he grabbed an opportunity in the New York City and purchased the failing Morning Journal. He recruited notable writers such as Julian Hawthorne and Crane, and embarked on increasing the newspaper’s influence and circulation. William Hearst left a legacy in his newspaper Times Union, which had extensive leaderships. Although the broadcasting industry faced many challenges, no newspaper served the community better than Times Union. This paper seeks to discuss William Randolph Hearst who left a legacy in the history of mass media. In discussing, the paper will highlight his early years, publishing business, and his impact in the broadcasting industry. Hearst was born on April 29, 1863 as the only child of Rancher and miner and died on August 14, 1951. ...
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