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Are niche media good or bad for our society? why?

The abrupt increase in the application of niche media over mass media has culminated into social problems that were not associated with the mass media in the past. This paper discusses some pertinent social problems associated with niche media. The detrimental impacts of mass media emanate from the failure of the society to effectively and responsibly use it. Owners of most publications belong to certain professional elites, implying that the information conveyed may be manipulated for selfish reasons. Wrongful interpretation of news has, over time, led to social unrests in extreme situations. The middle class who used to possess a wide range of market choice have been left with limited choices owing to the evolvement of niche markets. The rise in the use of internet in the last two decades culminated into more than forty channels. Most of the channels have been adversely affected by competition leading to losses and closure to some of them. The rise in niche media has led to the increase in cases related to piracy. Piracy erodes and discourages the utilization of talent; frustrating societal progress. Entertainment industries such as the movie industry face an uphill task of competing with niche services such as Amazon Instant and Netlix. ...
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Reasons Why Niche Media Is Bad For the Society Name Institution Date Reasons Why Niche Media Is Bad For the Society The modern society is appreciative of the niche media as indicated by the enhancement in the use of components such as magazines, online newsletters, online bulletins, databases and other publications such as the Financial Times and the Economist…
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