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Media items related to gender, sexuality and the body Name Course title Institution Date As human beings, people like identifying themselves and others in exclusionary or exclusionary terms in all realms of life. The final cocoons that human beings resort to in their life, it is a created habit because choices are always in binary oppositions: good versus bad, male versus female et cetera.


On the other hand, sexuality is anchored on physical and biological differences that make males and females different. The media use their content with sexuality and gender to influence, educate or inform their audience (McNair 2002). Sexuality in advertising entails the use of erotic or sexual words or phrases, images in advertising to appeal to buyers and increase the chances of selling the product. Analyses of media content indicate that most of the content presented portrays issues relating to gender, sexuality and the body with all of these displaying sexual activities explicitly or implicitly. For example, over 80% of all movies from a cable TV stations have sexual content (Huston, Wartella & Donnerstein 1998). Over 50% of the music shown in the television portray sexual feelings and impulses with minority displaying provocative clothing and body movement that are sexually arousing (Huston, Wartella & Donnerstein 1998). Sexual messages in most television shows are universally presented in a positive light towards gender and sexuality. In most media gender and sexuality has been exploited consciously and unconsciously in media items such as; advertisements, promotions, magazine articles, newspaper articles, blogs, and websites. ...
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