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Electronic and Digital Media Industry Paper

One of the historical and contemporary roles the media plays is it acts as a surveillance for the society. Media broadcasts and passes down information about the happening s in the society including any threats hence making people make counterplans. In the past, media played a role of educating the public about ethics but the issue is not so pronounced in the contemporary times. The media in the brink of company competitions in this contemporary times acts as a marketing channel where companies advertise their products in the different media forms hence making their consumers aware of the different products by different companies. They also participate in social awareness campaigns, political campaigns and other forms of campaigns aimed at teaching the society (Herkman, 2012).
Describe how the chemical and electronic technology of photography, recording, and transmission has advanced from initial discovery to the present
Photography before the 1960s was not electronic but used chemicals and hence the quality of the image was questionable. The contemporary times however have led to photography becoming digital and the images clearer and hence lowering the cost of photography in general and even the cost of purchasing the cameras that are consumer friendly. Recording has also moved from use of gramophones and other cylinder devices to the crystalline CDs, cassette tapes and to now DVDs and iPods among others. ...
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This research paper will focus mainly on electronic and digital media industry. Electronic media is that which requires an electronic device to be accessed while digital media is a type of electronic media but its data is stored in a digital and not analog form…
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