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Critical Analysis of a Film Name Institution Introduction This paper will critically analyze the film produced by Lionsgate and Reuben Cannon production titled ‘I can do bad all by myself’ dwelling on the need to elaborate and apply interpersonal theories and general interpersonal communication, which is brought out by this film.


She goes to the extent of looting to ensure that her sick brother gets daily medicine for his survival. The film shows some religious institutions, such as church, and they way they help suffering neighbors and members. Good neighbors, like Madea and Pastor Brian, take the responsibility of taking care of these young children by giving them food and ensuring they find their relatives in town. One of the relatives is the woman named April, who is the children’s aunty. She is a nightclub singer and an alcohol addict living with a married man who has ran away from the responsibility of taking care of his family. At the end of the film, she transforms from her past lifestyle into a loving and caring aunty and later gets married to Sandino; an immigrant who she accommodated in her basement. According to IMBd website, the film, cast actors and actress have been nominated and won several awards. Some of the awards include Bet Awards, Black Reel Awards and Image Awards in 2010. For example, in 2010, Adams Rodriguez (Sandino in the film) won the Image Awards under “the Outstanding Character in a Motion Picture.” The film can be classified into three theories of communication namely inclusion, need for control and need for affection. ...
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