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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Advertising to Children under 16 Years Advertising firms usually spend a lot of money annually encouraging and manipulating individuals to conform to particular consumer lifestyles around the globe. These adverts usually prey on individual insecurities by creating artificial needs and offering something people can do perfectly without.


There are three main reasons why advertisements target children. First off, children have a very big influence on the way their parents spend money on shopping. Secondly, when these children are cultured at an early age to like some products, they will eventually become big spenders when they mature. Besides these, children usually coerce their parents to spend large amounts of money on them based on what they see in adverts (Freeman and Chapman, 2008, p. 779). This paper is then geared towards discussing the premise that children under the age of age 16 should not be advertised to. Advertisements have permeated almost every sphere of our lives through the television, internet, billboards and even in movies. As such, they have invaded everyone’s consciousness and leave very little space to manoeuvre in terms of choice and preference to different products. People behind the advertisements usually pay a lot of money so that their adverts can be placed strategically to be seen and heard by their target audience (Roberts and Pettigrew, 2007, p. 358). In this regards, they instil the desire to get more good services among people regardless of whether these people need these products. ...
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