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Social Media (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Contemporary social media initially surfaced during the early 90s. The pioneer social media site was generated in 1994; it was termed as "Geocities." The notion was for clients to generate their own sites, pigeonholed through one of the 6 "cities" which were recognized for certain traits.


Michael Haenle in and Andreas Kaplan describe social media to mean "a set of Internet-based appliances that exploit the technological and ideological basics of Web 2.0, as well as permit the formation and interchange of user-generated information (2010). Additionally, social media hinges on web-based and mobile technologies to form extremely interactive programs through which communities and individuals co-create, share, discuss, as well as transform user-generated information. It initiates pervasive and significant transformations to communication among organizations, individuals and communities. Social media is different from industrial or traditional media in numerous aspects, for instance, reach, permanence, quality, frequency, immediacy, and usability. Social media technology takes on numerous different varieties including Internet forums, magazines, social blogs, weblogs, wikis, micro blogging, social networks, pictures or photographs, podcasts video, rating as well as social bookmarking. Through applying a collection of concepts in the arena of social processes and media research, Haenlein and Kaplan formed a classification system in their Corporate Horizons (2010) article. ...
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