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Public relation (PR) is an important strategy used by either governments or corporations in explaining difficult situations to the public. It is characterized by different theories used in manipulating clients’ minds.


Public Relations Theory

Motorists are questioning the failure of the South Australian council to fund 50 black spot projects earmarked for funding in the previous year in the local government budget. Despite the complaints from motorists and citizens on the need for equal funding, the government has also increased its financing of road network projects with an added percentage of 13.6% in 2011 from 13.2% in 2010. Black spots are national tragedies in different countries leading to unnecessary loss of lives. This is caused by government neglect or inadequate funding of such black spot projects. However, several issues make underfunding of dangerous areas in South Australia a media issue. For example, minimal participation of the media in highlighting casualties has resulted to lack of awareness. In that case, persuasion and communication theories are critical in preventing unnecessary loss of life. Media should exercise its powers of mass persuasion against the decision of funding black spot projects. Similarly, in the communication model, three ways are fundamental in influencing people to participate in an activity. In this case, sensitization of the government to fund the 50 black spot projects through its councils. These include patronage, power and persuasion. Use of legal systems and application of threats and intimidations constitutes power in public relations. It, therefore, is imperative for road users unsatisfied with the underfunding of the black spot projects to initiate a go slow against road authorities. ...
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