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SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS by Student’s name Code+ course name Professor’s name University name City, State Date A Semiotic Analysis of Two Magazine Advertisements This essay provides a semiotic analysis of one advertisement found within the context of advertising in the print media.


In other words, this essay attempts to explore how an advertisement in the printed media can illustrate Umberto Eco’s assertion that the medium as well as the message can be “charged with cultural signification” (Eco, 1976: 267). To add, the analysis of the perfume advert will focus on the photographic imagery that provides iconic representation of the product along with what it is supposed to stand for. It will also center around how the aforementioned imagery produces relevant signified concepts or, in other words, certain emotional overtones that serve to promote the item’s image. First of all, let us define semiotics and discuss concepts related to it. David Chandler, the author of “Semiotics: The Basics”, defines semiotics as “the study of signs” (Chandler, 2002: 1). The definition that is broader in scope was given by Umberto Eco, who assumed that “semiotics is concerned with everything that can be taken as a sign” (Eco, 1976: 7). Wray (1981: 4) further explained that semiotics is a study of “the way any sign, whether it is a traffic signal, a thermometer reading of 98.6 F, poetic imagery, musical notation, a prose passage, or a wink of the eye, functions in the mind of an interpreter to convey a specific meaning in a given situation”. ...
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