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Interpersonal Conflict Analysis

Apparently, that person from the other table was listening to our conversation. She went to our table and then she told my friend that if we have any problem with her we could just tell her. My friend and I looked at each other and then she left. After a while, one of the people I know came to us and said that we offended the girl. My friend and I asked this other student if she can call the girl so that we could explain our side and what we were laughing about. She did and girl came to us. We first said we were sorry and then before we could even tell her our side she started talking about how wrong it was to laugh at other people. My friend simply kept quiet since he and I would not intervene and tell her our side of the story. The problem was that there were misunderstandings and miscommunications because she made a conclusion on her initial observations and she did not even give us time to explain our side. I was already trying to say something but she kept on going about how wrong our actions were and we were not supposed to be listening to other people's conversation. I was quiet but inside I was bursting to tell her about how wrong she was regarding her assumption and that she, too, were listening to other people's conversation. ...
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(Name of student) (Course number) Interpersonal Conflict I do not have much conflict with other people because most of the time I argue with myself. However, there was this thing that happened between another student and me…
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