Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release Essay example
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Chilean Mine Collapse: The information regarding the Chilean mine collapse is intended to deliver the accident message to the people who are related to mining industry, the workers, their families and the general public. For the families of the miners, it was necessary to have the awareness and information regarding the mining industry.


The information disclosed on the Chilean mine collapse should have possessed important details on the safety and security of the mine workers and the essential measures adopted by the safety teams to protect them against any harm. The message should possess all the essential information regarding how the concerning authorities were looking forward to treat the issue of the miners’ safety and what measures they possessed. It was highly important for the immediate relatives and dependents of the miners to know the basic information regarding their rights, health and safety. Regarding the potential needs of the company’s employees when they received the information regarding the incident should contain the basic information on their rights and safety. The employees should know that they should be protected against the losses and also against the reactive and harmful behavior of the other employees and their immediate relatives. The employees should be made aware that how they can be protected against any incident in future and how their mining company can assure and practically implement the protocol and basic guidelines regarding employee safety and safe passage to ground. ...
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