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Journalism, mass media and communication. Worksheet - Essay Example

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Journalism, mass media and communication. Worksheet

Firstly, he examines the structural patterns of the publishing industry, where he argues that the present circumstances affecting the industry are major challenges that only require public commissioning to solve. Current challenges affecting the industry include online and digital technologies, whereby more and more young people are embracing online technologies. He also discusses the effect of in-depth research in the industry, which can help in revitalizing the industry to be able to meet current challenges (Hind and Stern-Weiner). Article 2: The second article is about a conversation with John Scher, the Co-CEO of a concert and live event promotion company based in the New York City: the Metropolitan Entertainment. Scher examines the various changes in the concert business, as he compares the present day business environment with four decades ago. He also examines challenges in concert promotion business, and points out the impact of having big publicly traded companies do concert promotion. The problem of the lack of young big acts is also a worrying trend in concert music, considering that those that rise to fame only do so for a short period. The need for a transformation in concert music is eminent for the concert promotion business to be successful (Hind and Stern-Weiner 3). Article3: The third article is entitled: Copyright and the Commodification of culture. The author explores the copyright institution in-depth, examining it as the institution that governs producing, distributing and the consumption of information and culture. He achieves this by firstly exploring the origin of copyright in relation to the rise of capitalism together with the printing press. He also examines the growth of the culture industry and how it used copyright to develop and maintain market dominance. Another important issue discussed is on processes of legislation, litigation, encryption as well as market penetration relate to the growth and development of internet distribution of movies and music (Karr 2). 2. what questions would you ask the author (at least 2 questions) To the first author on the influence of power to publicity, I would ask the author what impact does he think in-depth research focused on general readership would have on the falling sales of books? The other question is with regard to his: Considering where the publishing is currently and the challenges, where do you see the industry in the next ten years? There are questions as well for the other author on the piece of music. What do you think has contributed to the lack of young big acts? Considering the challenges facing concert events and live event promotions what recommendations would you give to bring back the business to its glory? 3.Do you agree with the main premise of the reading? Why or why not?What evidence or personal experience would you offer to? Article 1: Yes, I agree with the main premise of the reading. From my personal experience with online books and articles, I believe that book publishing is under severe pressure and that innovative strategies are needed to renew the industry (Hind and Stern-Weiner 4). Article 2: With regard to the second article on music, however, I do not agree with the interviewee’s argument that the reason concert promoters are not having as many shows as they used to have in the past is because of the lack of big acts. I believe there are big acts and very promising young artists in the market. My argument is that the problem is with the promoters such as John Scher, who have been surpassed by the current times. They need to adopt to the changes in the music industry and start ...Show more


In your own words, explain the mains points of the article (should be at least 100 words, provide some detail) Article 1: The first article is about the influence of power on the book publishing industry; Dan Hind explores the book publishing industry arguing that the solution is to change the hierarchical institution and invest this power to the public. …
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Journalism, mass media and communication. Worksheet essay example
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