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Communication: The Positive and the Negative Sides Author’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Institutional Affiliation: Date of Submission Communication: The Positive and the Negative Sides Communication is a vital element in the s survival of every species in existence on the earth surface.


Clear and effective communication is but the life blood of a good working relationship in any given society; for any misdirected/confusing communication automatically results in piling up of unresolved problems (Stuart, Sarow and Stuart, 2007, p. 108). It is important to note, therefore, that certain messages are preferably delivered effectively through specific channels. Nonetheless, any mode of communication, however preferable, has its own share of challenges. This paper endeavors to highlight the advantages and limitations of three channels of communication: speaking [oral communication], newspapers and Facebook. Speaking [Oral Communication] Oral communication refers to communication through words direct from the speaker’s mouth. Speaking/oral communication includes face-to-face or over the telephone conversations, presentations, speeches, and group discussions. A more personal form of communication, speaking is of essence where direct interaction is necessary. It conveys sincerity, which in itself a significant channel of building rapport and trust; no wonder most job interviews employ the channel (Stuart, Sarow and Stuart, 2007, p. 109). It offers a high degree of understanding and transparency as the receiver reads the additional body language of the message bearer while assessing the tone of the message itself. ...
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