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Communication is a highly imperfect art and a broad science, which is applicable in everyday life. However, it is often used inappropriately, which leads to problems or the compounding of the problems being communicated (CDC 10).


Communication is particularly important during times of crisis or emergency, especially during cases related to health and wellbeing. Through effective crisis and emergency communication, the community or group in question can aid in the dissolution of problems, but a failure of communication during a crisis can compound the problems. This is because sound crisis communication is necessary to the process of intervention planning (CDC 11). Well-planned and executed emergency risk communication, which is blended into the different phases of the crisis response continuum, can increase the potential of addressing the crisis, particularly where the resources available for risk resolution are limited and should be channeled to areas where they are critically needed (CDC 13). Crises necessitating groups or organizations’ to employ effective risk communication Crises include national, multi-state investigations on disease outbreak, or the exploration of environmental crisis (CDC 14). Examples of these crises include waterborne, airborne, food borne, vector borne, chemical, toxic material, natural disaster, infectious agent, and radiological-related risks (Coombs 242). One example is the case of a natural disaster that requires the immediate attention of the government and other authorities. ...
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