Communications Strategies and Teenage Pregnancy

Communications Strategies and Teenage Pregnancy Essay example
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The purpose of this evaluation was created with the goal to look at methods in which teenagers are warned about the cautions of preventing teenage pregnancy. Many organizations and even high school education programs attempt to curb teenage pregnancy to try to bring it to a halt


There are numerous young parents added to the statistics on a daily basis. In order to try to halt the exponential increase of teenage pregnancy, it is thought that maybe it is not only in how the message is received but also how it is delivered. If the communications method was altered to not just discuss abstinence only methods but to educate about the real life components of being a parent of a young age, it could otherwise change the minds of young teenagers that take the risk of becoming pregnant and then face parenting decisions when they are barely emerging childhood themselves. Communication Strategies and Teenage Pregnancy Sex education has received a lot of support over the last few years among teachers and paretns as a method to combat the ever increasing cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and teenage pregnancies. According to McKay (2000), sex education has a place ever day in homes, schools, churches, and in the media. In schools, the sex education curriculum includes, but is not limited to, sexual development, sexual health, interpersonal relationships , as well as romance, intimacy, sex, body image and gender roles. ...
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