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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Subject: Essay, Journalism, mass media and communication Date: Topic: Film Review Introduction Name of the movie: Day for Night Date and Year Released: September 7, 1973 Cinematography: Pierre-William Glenn Genres: Comedy, Drama and Romance Director: Francois Truffaut Music: Georges Delerue Producer: Marcel Berbert Screen Writers: Francois Truffaut, Jean-Louis Richard, Suzanne Schiffman Soundtracks: "Grande Chorale", Georges Delerue Summary: The movie is about the trials and tribulations involved in movie-making.


The story of this movie about making a movie is humane and mysterious. Generally, a film must have a good plot, but “Day for Night”, does not own one. But all the characters are the active participants in the plot, the domain that is generally reserved for the hero, heroine and the villain in the film. The production of the movie is bogged down at every turn, the director is confronted with desperate situations and invents desperate remedies to carry on with the project, determined to take it to ‘the end!’ Various small and ancillary stories contribute to the total story of the movie. Characters The movie highlights how the ‘minor’ characters can create major problems to stall the production, unintentionally though! For example, Stacey, a supporting actress causes scheduling issues because she is expecting the baby. Alphonse refuses to go on acting after Liliance withdraws from the set with a stunt man. More complications follow when Julie makes efforts to cure Alphones’s neurosis. ...
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