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"On Going Home" by Joan Didion - Essay Example

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The paper dwells upon the "On Going Home" by Joan Didion. The narrative essay talks about a deteriorating connection of her roots, how she puts effort in making a new relationship with them, together with her new family. …

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"On Going Home" by Joan Didion

The paper discussed the theme that circulates around self-realization and acceptance where in the end, Joan did not have a choice but to live what she has in the present while giving her child “a family”. The introduction of her essay defines her own perspective of home and a description of the home she had before. The author’s diction helped in establishing a definite tone within the whole essay. Her fondness about her memories is prevalent throughout the essay. Additionally, she describes her past and compared it with her present and the changes it had vividly. This helped the essay established a time element and a foreshadowing that she has not resolved several issue in the past with her family. Although her husband does not approve of her going home because she becomes “difficult, oblique, deliberately, inarticulate”, she still chooses to be with them. In the end however, she realizes that she could not reconcile the differences of her past and her family at present and she has to live by her decision. ...
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