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The review "Autobiographies" illustrates that is the same with these writers was the fact that they never lost track of what they wanted considering that they are living in a society that did not welcome writers so much. In his autobiography, McLennan began with the narration of his experience in talking with a writer while in a cruise ship. It is through this particular journey that his aim of becoming more than just a scholar grew and took hold of his life as he grew towards maturity. The words of the writer about his own experiences, his triumphs and mistakes in his path towards becoming a writer actually served as a lesson learned on the part of McLennan. Certainly, it is through this particular thinking that the said classical writer was able to realize that he too could become the writer that he actually wants to be. There was this one thing though that the writer told him about that made him much pushed to pursue his dream of becoming an author of written works. The writer told him the truth about the Canadian society being a “cold country” which he never realized to be true until he himself became a writer. On the other hand, Atwood created a presentation of herself through narrating the regular things that she used to do, the major activities and life’s treasures that brought her to where she is at present. Understandably, it could be observed that her love for writing came gradually. Her realization of the talent that she has grow to fondness that she knew she should give way to. ...
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This book report is dedicated Hugh MacLennan' and Margaret Atwood' autobiographies. Understanding how they became the fine writers that they are now is indeed a thrill for many readers. Both of the said writers decided to use their poetic skills in creating a written record of their life. …
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