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Odysseus on Calypsos Island

Unlike the stereotypical epic hero, Odysseus is motivated by several distinguishing traits, and his personality experiences collapses and changes while the story goes. Odysseus is famous for his reason. He is an intellectual; he demonstrates the logic and curiosity, being ready to pay for the knowledge he obtains. Odysseus is self-assured, very self-disciplined; he knows his conduct presents virtue, as he understands it, so he just follows his way. He listens to his own reason and - what is the most surprising- don't often asks Greek gods for help or advice - he is clever enough to solve his problems himself.. He is deep and complicated, and the dynamic of his personality development can be best viewed in the context of his adventures, where Odysseus' life on Ogygia occupies a remarkable place.
As it has been said above, Odysseus' life with Calypso can be regarded as the necessary point that greatly influenced his outlook and the notion of the mission he held on. ...
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Homer's Odysseus is one of the most outstanding characters among epic heroes due to his contradictory and complicated personality. He differs much from other famous epic heroes, usually conducted by one idea. Their life is devoted to one goal and they play the role of presentation of this idea or fulfilling the mission that they are destined to…
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