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Discuss what you perceive to be the main themes of "La Peste"

me reality that faces them. Keenly aware of the meaninglessness of human condition,the citizens assert their humanity by rebelling against their circumstance in their own unique ways , and finding solidarity among themselves during the excruciating times of danger.Some of the main themes addressed throughout the novel are:
Camus made no efforts to conceal that the novel was partly an allegory of the French resistence to The Nazi forces of oppression during World War 2.The plague symbolizes The German invasion with its inhuman fatalities and violent barbarity.The solidarity and fight of the citizens of Oran against the epidemic corresponds to the struggle and determination of the revolt against the nightmare and rise of Nazism.Camus in 1955 said that the plague can apply to any resistance against any tyranny.The Plague metaphor is more complicated and flexible than the obvious correlation with the Nazi occupation that most people mak ...
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La Peste written by Albert Camus(1913-1960), is a story of the outbreak of the deadly epidemic, in the Algerian town of Oran in N.Africa.The population, dominated by the bourgeois, the business class, ignores signs of danger at first until many of their own class fall prey to the disease.A quarantine is declared for those inside the walls of Oran…
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