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ndy Fstow, th brutlly mbitious, dply inscur whiz kid. Insid nron his collgus mrvld t how his complx schms llowd th compny to scm Wll Strt - not rlizing tht h ws scrtly scmming nron. Kn Ric, th Midwstrn frm boy who ws sducd by nron's fst-mony cultur nd who cshd in whil hyping high-tch businss tht didn't xist. Cliff Bxtr, th mnic dl mkr nd Skilling confidnt who rsntd Fstow's murky slf-dling. "H's goddmn mstr criminl," Bxtr would ril.
McLn nd lkind suggst tht th vntul collps of nron ws cusd lss by th grd of snior-lvl nron xcutivs thn it ws by thir rrognc nd incomptnc. Thir lck of bsic businss cumn is stonishing s is thir dfinc of rgultory gncis nd contmpt for customrs. Non of thm sms to hv hd morl "compss." Thy xmplifid, indd nourishd cultur of brutl comptition btwn nd mong thir subordints. ch usd nron s prsonl TM s wll s mns by which to structur ll mnnr of corport prtnrships nd high risk/high yild invstmnts without fr of ny prsonl libility. If on prosprd, so did thy. If it fild, th loss ws nron's. Primry blm for ll this must b shrd by Ly, Skilling, nd Fstow. ...
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Th Smrtst Guys in th Room : Th mzing Ris nd Scndlous Fll of nron" is fundmntlly humn drm - of popl drunk on thir own succss, popl so mbitious, so crtin of thir own brillinc, so fulld by grd nd hubris tht thy blivd thy could fool th world. Th book xplors th motivs, thoughts, nd scrt frs of fscinting rry of chrctrs, including Kn Ly, th gnil but clulss CO who rvld in th trppings of his offic but duckd th rsponsibilitis…
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