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Th Loprd

It ws this prspctiv, mor thn th story itslf, which dfind Th Loprd s clssic work of Itlin (nd intrntionl) litrtur, for othr books hd bn writtn bout th Sicilin grciousnss. Still, to portry th story of th dclining Slins in th 1860s s mr fbl for th dclin of th Itlin monrchy nd socio-politicl stblishmnt in th 1940s is to ovrlook th novll's prvlnt ppl. It dls with th Church, swping socil chng nd, of cours, lov. Th Loprd is th story bout Don Fbrizio, Princ of Slin, guy who turnd forty nd hv svrl childrn. H is sort of compssiont tyrnt in his houshold, mn of vry old fmily, ccustomd to knowing his plc nd to hving people over that he actually knows. Th Princ is lso mn of grt corporl pptits, lckdisicl with his mony (though not wstful or lvish), politiclly wll-informd but compltly politicl in ction, nd lso n mtur stronomr of som not. Whn th story opns, th Risorgimnto is ongoing, but it is clr tht it will b ultimtly succssful, nd tht th Kingdom of th Two Sicilis will b bsorbd into th nwly unitd, somwht mor dmocrtic, Itly. Don Fbrizio nominlly supports th old rgim, but h rlisticlly stys out of th conflict. His fvorit nphw, Tncrdi, th impovrishd but chrismtic son of his sistr, is n frvnt supportr of Gribldi, who t tht tim ws ldr of th rvolution.
Svrl long chptrs, tht strtch ovr svrl months, chs th progrss of th Risorgimnto t distnc, nd mor closly go bhind vnts which is rflctd dirctly on ...
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Tomsi di Lmpdus strtd writing his most rnownd novl towrds th nd of 1954. Th primry id ws to tll bout dy in his grt grndfthr's lif t th tim of Gribldi's lnding in Sicily. Giuspp di Lmpdus turnd 58 whn h strtd to writ Th Loprd, though h hd hd it in his mind for 25 yrs…
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