Percy Walker "The Loss of the Creature" - Book Report/Review Example

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Percy Walker "The Loss of the Creature"

The Common Reader: Being a "consumer of prepared experience" the common reader would only understand and gather such information that he is familiar with, tending to overlook the underlying truths. He would understand that the writer is talking about how a student of a prestigious school would view a specimen of a dogfish on his laboratory table, and how a Falkland Islander would see a dead dogfish on the beach. The student would have a science lesson to be learnt by dissecting the specimen using his scientific instruments, whereas the Falkland Islander would only use a crude pen knife to cut the fish and discover some peculiarity.. Like the technician, the common reader would appreciate precise and correct technical terms and jargon. His arrogance makes him interested only in the thing that is packaged, and he overlooks the whole. He is like the student with the specimen of dogfish, who only sees a specimen, but misses the dogfish, or like the student reading Shakespeare from a beautiful book in a well equipped classroom who does not remember what he read.
The Complex Reader: Being humble and inquisitive, the complex reader is a genuine researcher ...
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With the rapid growth of consumerism, education has also become a commodity to be packaged and consumed. Whether it is poetry or biology, the sense of wonder that accompanies something new has been lost. The student is presented with cold, uninspiring facts packaged in glossy books, beautiful classrooms and scientific rules…
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