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Rding Lolit in Thrn

To deliver her message zr Nfisi introducs th world to lif s tchr in Irn, from pr-rvolutionry dys, up through th rvolution nd wr with Irq, th ftrmth nd hr invitbl, nd sdly finl, flight from th country. Writtn with th poignnt voic of survivor, womn, wif, nd mothr, th clustrophobic grif nd rg tht sttls ovr th country nd ffcts it's citizns for yrs is clrly flt by th rdr, plsnt surpris considring th simpl, mttr of fct voic Nfisi uss to tll hr story.
The thesis would be the idea to get across the budding democracy movement in Iran and the strong desire to deliver the message to all people from all countries the fact that women in Islamic countries are still under preassure are still isolated from the social life and changes that happen in the world.
In her book Nafisi sounds very motivated to scrtly bring womn togthr from diffrnt rligious nd socil bckgrounds, in country whr ths things r ll tht mttr, to rd, por ovr, nd discuss bnnd nd dngrous books, that puts Nfisi in th rol of hro. Sh is somon who fought for wht sh blivd in, nd hr courg in th fc of tyrnny bcoms n inspirtion to th oprssd vrywhr. She wants to show and let the whole world hear about her storis, nd thos of hr blovd Thrn, intrtwin with clssic Wstrn novls tht sh lovs nd dpnds on. ...
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What is the passionate emotion emotion that is communicated in Reading Lolita in Tehran Why whas Nafisi moved to write these memoirs Try to explain her motivating emotion and how it is explored in her book (here you can explore whether or not the book is, in fact, a non-fiction memoir)
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