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What are some of the ways in which the theme of doubling structures Chesnutt’s novel, The Marrow of Tradition? What is the author getting at by using this device? - Essay Example

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The novel “The Marrow of Tradition” is an important African-American novel written against the historical perspective and was published in the year 1901. The novel revolves round the fictional uprising of the white supremacist movement, originally referred in the pages of…

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What are some of the ways in which the theme of doubling structures Chesnutt’s novel, The Marrow of Tradition? What is the author getting at by using this device?

The novel “The Marrow of Tradition” very significantly captivates the device of double structuring with a definite purpose of entire exposition of the society, age and time against which the novel is culminated. This essay intends to examine and explore the operation of the device of the double structuring throughout the novel pertinent to the level of almost launching the phenomena to the extent of thematic interpretation.
An in-depth or a detailed study of the novel would easily launch the readers to the contention, that the novel “The Marrow of Tradition” is a close and a successful blend of sociology, history and art. To reach a plane where all these three aspects of the novel would operate smoothly with blend of aesthetics, it became quintessential for the author to portray a tri part plot in order to project the diversified pros and cons of the socio-historical issue the novel is dealing with. The novel is structured with three plots and each plot is again interlinked with the presence of the same characters that are entitled to play a precise role in each individual plot.
The novel, “The Marrow of Tradition” is a novel with a complex structure. But after justifying the purpose of its fragmented structure, the theme of double structure gets justified to the end purpose of blending the sociology and art properly in the plot of the ...
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