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Article Review

However, this argument is not valid given that fact that Vendice’s actions prove that women’s attachment to do death is positive and not negative. In another instance, the author asserts that women have “innocence” (Laurie 358). This statement is true considering that fact that women have been portrayed as strong and willing to overcome the challenges around them.
The use of disguise as shown in the picture indicates the extent to which women cover themselves to hide corruption. In the article, the author also argues that women become “lifeless” when they are painted (Laurie 262). This is another statement that is true considering that women end up losing their beauty and shape, which define who they are. The painting of women in the renaissance period underscores the fact that women lose the traits that characterize their form.
This article excels in revealing the impact of painting of women during the renaissance period. As the author mentions in the article, the representations of women in art force women into silence. This is a true statement given that art has been used to undermine the realization of women and their idealization. Indeed, the use of art kills women making them “instruments” of death (Laurie 364).
Without doubt, the painting of women the renaissance period led to the weakening of feminine traits. As depicted in the article, the author points that art kills and dismembers women into lifeless objects. Whereas the author gives a wrong assertion that women are associated death, he makes a correct argument that painting women deprives them of their life. In addition, the article correctly depicts women as having lost their beauty and other feminine traits when painted. These articles stand out well in drawing the depiction of women in the renaissance ...
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This article gives an account of how women were perceived by men during this period, especially in the theatre characterized by male dominance. In writing this article, the…
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