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Interpretation of Emily Dickinson's Poem 341

When examining Dickinson’s poem 341 one recognizes many references to and images of natural elements. This comes as no surprise considering the Dickinson matriculated in the same New England area as seminal American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson’s transcendentalism envisioned a close linkage between the natural world, spirituality, and human kind. This intimate connection between Dickinson’s poem 341 and these transcendental themes is readily apparent. Consider Dickinson when she writes, “The Feet, mechanical, go round --/ Of Ground,/or Air, or Ought –/ A Wooden way“ (Dickinson, 5-7). While the exact meaning of these lines remains slightly ambiguous, Dickinson’s articulation is truly astounding. In addition to retaining the overarching exploration of the feeling of mourning, these lines also align the individual’s physicality – their feet – with the very essence of the natural world. In these regards, Dickinson has began with the image of an individual’s feed as mechanical and going round, this image then connects of dissolves to the feet dangling in the ground, and potentially become air or ought. Additionally there is imagery that removes the work simply from the exploration of the poet’s current time and places it along the infinite. Consider Dickinson when she writes, “And Yesterday, or Centuries before?” (Dickinson, 4). The investigation here is into the heart’s own question, but perhaps more significant is the timeframe this questioning occurs, involving possibly past centuries. ...
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The purpose of present paper example is to discuss Emily Dickison's professional activity, particularly a few of her most significant works. This essay specifically considers the poem 341 in terms of its literary qualities and natural imagery and then compares this work to Dickinson’s poem 280. …
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