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The Price of Salt - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Price of Salt The Price of Salt by Highsmith Patricia was first published in 1952 and was flaunted as the novel of love society forbids. It is categorised under Classic literature and is a tale of sexual obsession toward a gender that was considered inappropriate in the society…

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The Price of Salt

Highsmith, then a 27 year old Bloomingdale employee, sold a doll to Kathleen Seen, a beautiful blonde lady. Despite the fact that the encounter was brief, Highsmith could not forget the lady. Soon after Highsmith got sick with chickenpox, and in her bedridden state, the plot details of this novel played out in her mind. Highsmith retained Senn’s credit card details and soon began spying on her. This informed the plot of the novel, The Price of Salt. This novel is viewed as a representation of what would have unfolded, had Highsmith pursued Senn (Highsmith 2). The novel starts when Carol described as an elegant woman walks into a store where Therese, then 19 years old, was working over Christmas. The writer describes Therese as a lonely young woman who had just moved to Manhattan, New York to pursue being a theatre set designer, the career of her dreams. The plot development in the poem revolves around these two main characters. After meeting in the department store, Therese attains Carols address for shipping reasons and follows her impulse to send her a card. Carol responds and the two start spending time together. Carol gets described as “lonely” in the novel because she got entangled in a divorce process with her husband Harge (Highsmith 51). We get informed about Therese’s love life too. ...
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