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Current mobile computing and the benefits

The upshot for today’s business has been reduced cost brought about by greater productivity and less need for traditional brick-and-mortar office spaceAs businesses continue to catch on to these potential benefits, the mobile computing industry is expected to continue its strong growth. “A 2005 survey of large enterprises by Forrester Research found that more firms are providing traditional desktop users with laptops, and analyst firm Gartner forecasts that the mobile computing industry is likely to see double-digit growth over the next few years, with nearly 87 million units expected to be sold in 2007”. This trend is sure to lead to greater innovation in the future that will further boost mobile productivity and work efficiency. The laptop is arguably the lynchpin of the mobile computing revolution, and “has empowered the workforce to be as efficient as it would be if it was working from the office, but with the convenience and flexibility of being able to connect at multiple locations”. With wireless-capable laptops equipped to do everything from sending and receiving faxes to conducting web-based multimedia presentations, the need to incur the expense of traditional office space has become harder to justify. Arguments in favor of maintaining a traditional office have shifted from having access to necessary resources and toward the innovation benefits of communicating and interacting with colleagues face-to-face on a regular basis.
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Blackberries and other PDAs, wireless capable laptop computers, cellular telephones, and satellite technologies like global positioning systems and satellite radios have all come together to create a technological and communications network into which people are plugged virtually 24/7. …
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