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Spam Overview

The problem of spam has grown intensively since the emergence of the Internet. During the period of 2001-2002, spam increased by 450 percent or 12.4 billion messages per day. Spam is considered to be highly challenging problem because it mostly contains pornographic advertisement or fraudulent, get-rich-quick schemes sent from a cautiously disguised source. Spam is also a computer security risk since it spreads computer viruses that then turn infected computers into spammers. The sending of spam results in a substantial shifting of costs from advertisers to ISPs and e-mail recipients. In 2003, spam is counted to have cost companies worldwide $20.5 billion. Spammers are able to send messages for minimal cost--the cost of their Internet access and mailing lists. The costs of relaying messages, storing them, and downloading them are borne by others. The extent of other forms of commercial advertising that occurs is limited by the cost of the advertising. ...
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The methods employed by spammers to exploit the e-mail differentiate. First, it is needed to say that e-mail operates on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The protocol was written in 1982, when the problem of spam has not yet emerged. …
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