Data Sharing between Airlines and International Airlines for Scheduling Purposes - Case Study Example

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Data Sharing between Airlines and International Airlines for Scheduling Purposes

This essay stresses that the strengths of American Airlines include the size of the fleet, the number of routes, partnerships, the IT infrastructure, and government relations. These strengths can be harnessed and data sharing between the airline and the other airlines made efficient and effective. An important strength in this case is the IT infrastructure. The company can venture into strengthening and innovation of an IT infrastructure that can assist effective and efficient data sharing between the airline and international airline for the scheduling purposes. Partnership can also assist the airline and international airlines to share data effectively. Partnerships will make it easy for the airline companies to share data effectively and make the scheduling of flights easier.
This paper makes a conclusion that American Airlines should engage in data sharing for the purposes of scheduling flights. The company has many unprofitable routes and data sharing will assist the company is reducing these unprofitable routes. Partnership with the Asian Airlines is a great opportunity for the company to schedule its flights internationally and in particular within the Asian region. The partnership will offer a great chance for data sharing. From the SWOT analysis of American Airlines, it is evident there are many chances for data sharing between the airline and international airlines; data sharing will assist American Airlines to schedule flights and avoid any inconveniences that may arise due to partial or full absence of data sharing. ...
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This paper gives a description on data sharing between airlines and how it is used to facilitate effective scheduling, its benefits as well as its limitations. The paper also gives a description of two other applications of data sharing between airlines…
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