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Database Design and data security breeches

The information with de-identified status can be given to the researcher. This is the information that gives details about a particular group off patients but cannot be narrowed to a specific patient. Such information is exempted from the HIPAA regulations since it is in a general format (Wilson, 2010). Such information do not have any hint of that links the information to a particular patient, such as contacts, names, job number, geographical information, official documents, account number, e-mail and medical record number.
The current rules and regulation governing health information is HIPAA. This stands for health insurance portability and accountability act. The laws were put in place in the year 1996 by the congress. The rules are meant to give the mandate to transfer and link health insurance coverage and reduce heath information abuse and fraud. It also give rules on the confidentiality and protection of health information.
Giving access to the restricted areas has to involve some consultations first with the senior administrators. Later the researcher is given access using MySQL 5.1 version which can access different databases. The privileges to be accorded to the academic researcher include being allowed to be a member of the data reader so that he or she can access the data easily. The database system should only avail the information needed by the researcher. Other information should be kept private. The SQL statement used should be able to sort the data according to the limited privileges. Such statements include GRANT PRIVILEGE_NAME option. Creation of restricted views of the data are to be created using SQL.
The statement retrieves the information that can be accessed by any user. The user name specifies the type of information that is being given. For this case, the user can read and modify (Andrews, 2012).
The department of health of Utah had their system accessed and personal information stolen. This is where a hacker made the figures ...
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The rules and regulation governing the health information at that particular time is applicable. The research should prove that the…
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