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Usability Evaluation

Instructions should be provided before answering the survey. The respondents should know the objective in conducting the survey. Moreover, creating an online questionnaire is professional. Therefore, the respondents should take questions more seriously if it is presented in a more professional manner. To create online survey, it is also very important that each question have to be evaluated in gathering the information that is required and to lead the wording response option so that the goal in conducting the survey is achieved (Sue & Ritter, 2007).  Assess the reliability of the collected data and include the survey report. It is important to assess critically the current methods that help to find the best quality of data collected except in exceptional situations. The adequate degree of reliability is attained when the scores are represented correctly in a constructive and quality manner using investigations that significantly shows the validity of that data. Validity of the collected data is mostly examined using investigated sources and the systematic variations that are observed regularly. There are two broad criteria that data quality can be identified. The responses from the sources must be meaningful. This means that, the researchers collecting data should reflect something other than a random checking of alternatives. This implies that the responses should reflect on a true assessment of particular behavior such as frequency of purchase and true assessment of some personal characteristic. ...
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In the paper “Usability Evaluation” the author describes the easy and difficult aspects of creating and conducting an online questionnaire. While writing survey questions, there are three issues needed to consider types of questions, wording of questions and order of questions.

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