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Assignment 4: Paid Website Usability Testers

s are attributed to reducing costs related to support provision, increasing satisfaction of the website users and ultimately, saving on the development and redesign costs. Usability studies are known to facilitate provision of quality feedback that can be utilized to increase the user’s interactive experience with the website (Norlin, 2002).
Generally, paid usability testing is the best way of detecting design flaws on a website. This advantageous since it prevents users from having negative impact while using the website, and thus prevents user’s negative attitude toward the brand being promoted by the site. Also, paid website usability testing can be easily setup thus saving time and resources and finally, paid usability testing can be automated to facilitate testing to be done at given intervals to determine arising problems (Lazar, 2001).
Despite the various advantages associated with the use of paid website usability testing, there are several disadvantages arising from the process. Firstly, the gathered information may be biased. This is due to the fact that the users already know what they are looking for and thus, the collected information may not reflect the true scenario when the actual users are using the site. This affects the reliability of the collected data (Lazar, 2001). Despite this, the collected data is reliable to a certain degree.
Evaluation methods used by the website testers have a great influence on the reliability of the collected data. These evaluation techniques include nonvisual and verbal recording of browsers activities, and the tester’s vocal comments. Nonvisual recordings of the browsers activities can be considered to be the most effective ways of collecting the tester’s feedback. This is due to the fact that all the browsing activities of the tester are captured. Also, the tester’s verbal comments are handy in the collection of the data since this gives details of what the tester encountered and cannot be captured by ...
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There are hundreds of website developed daily all with an aim of giving high quality user experience. As a result, several tools have been devised to facilitate improving the website’s usability. Paid website…
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