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Productivity and Human Performance

Teamwork to productivity. This paper seeks to identify the things that negatively impact and lowers productivity. We have to bridge the gap to accurately pick up nonverbal cues to connect workers relationships to the verbal repertoire. The things that we have been practicing every day are being able to read between the lines through signals from the eyes, facial expression, the tone of voice, and posture. Stress is very common and we must carefully note the conditions and the things that cause it either within the job function or within the work environment that continues to negate the will to perform more. Emotions communicate and an employee must learn to develop emotional intelligence. A good move is to deviate from the person centered plan of vision to transformational leadership. In the hospitality industry, customer service needs an upfront of visions to develop and to maintain to aim for the performance rating of customer care. It relates a changing nature of customer service in a multicultural environment of changing customer behavior where expectation notes empowerment to employee care. The fact is that a customer is the foundation of the very existence of our people and our existence. We have to empower employees to sustain values as valued people to value people. (Cook, S., 2002). Organizational productivity is not a stand alone concept. A large number of corporations fail when there are a lot of floating personal visions of managers and they don’t coordinate with other departments in their directions to achieve more. ...
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This essay entitled "Productivity and Human Performance" concerns the concept of productivity and human performance. Admittedly, with the intensity of competition in the hospitality industry, there is a constant need to revolutionized approach to management styles and leadership skills…
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