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The differences between men and women leaders in business.

According to Hollon (2009), there has been significant growth of female professionals and leaders in the workforce in recent years, and it is suspected that there may be fundamental differences in the behavior of male and female leaders. Organizational change is an important factor in achieving sustained growth, and these changes are led by both female and male leadership teams It needs a further research on discovering the differences, if any; between the approaches female and male leaders take to implement organizational change. The findings of this research will provide insight to organizations, whether public, private or nonprofit, to be vigilant of the potential differences that may exist within their leadership teams, and improve the alignment of each leader to the appropriate role in the organization based not just on their experience and capabilities, but on their leadership style and approach. In a challenged environment with companies competing/benchmarked against one another, long-term organizational success depends on the development of the most competent managers, regardless of gender. Female managers have the capability to become transformational leaders and add significant value to organizational performance, and a male-dominated culture could inhibit effective team-working and reduce organizational performance.Transformational failures occur regardless of the gender of the organization’s leaders. Hopkins, O'Neil, Passarelli, and Bilimoria (2008) suggested that women and men also have divergent conceptions of career success ...
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According to Hollon (2009), there has been significant growth of female professionals and leaders in the workforce in recent years, and it is suspected that there may be fundamental differences in the behavior of male and female leaders…
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