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Recruiting Management

Candidate must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and should be coercive. Candidate must take the initiative to take charge of their assigned territory, lead it with excellent leadership qualities and problem solving techniques while effectively working with the team and creatively utilizing resources towards achieving set targets. Further, the skill sets of the candidates shall match with the existing best sales representative of the company i.e. profiling. For employee selection a systematic approach to sales person selection shall be adopted which involves using selection tools such as, resumes, interviews and tests. Semi Structured interview technique is to be adopted that will equip the DSM to ask structured questions pertaining to work, qualification and personality. DSM is advised to take proper notes of additional attributes or factor highlighting the personality being interviewed. Lastly the notes taken from the first interview of the candidates first impression and evaluation would also play a key role is identifying prompt trades of each to arrive at the final candidate list. Profiling and an outline interview technique are adopted to hire the best candidate that gives a clearer picture of how the candidate fits the company’s expectations (Johnson, Kurtz & Scheuing, 1994). ...
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Abstract Selecting successful salespeople has been one of industry's greatest challenges (Review of Business, 1990). A Newly appointed District Sales Manager (DSM) for Kellogg’s (Fortune 500 consumer goods company) is assigned the task to select 3 out of total 10 entry-level Sales Representative (SR) required from a placement centre of a university for final interview…
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