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International Management Competencies

For this reason, embracing Internet technology to gain information about the market composition may work positively for my organisation. Through this knowledge, it is easier for me as a manager to understand the manner of reaction of all customers to diverse ideas prevailing in the market.
Following globalisation of businesses, it is advisable for me as a manager to ensure that all the accounting and book keeping methods follow the international standards. Burton (2012) argues that anybody in any part of the world who may be interested in knowing about the organisations financial status may have easy time interpreting the financial implications on the records. This would create an international business climate which would come along with numerous advantages in my position as a manager according to the explanations in the subsequent sections.
The article elaborates about culture and business ethics having direct relations which can be viewed in different dimensions. There are issues such as law, religion and other means of relation which define the culture of a given business community. This relates to cross-cultural ideas which bring about change in the market culture and norms. This may vary from country to country depending on the dominant values in the field of business within that country. As a manager, it is crucial for me to determine the cultures and practice of various countries so as to make sound decision in every involvement with any country. On the same note, I realize that development of better communication and diversity within a country would mean that more tolerance would be exhibited compared to pure composition in a society.
Burton (2012), in his research, supports that the best way to go as a manager is to ensure that all the instruments used in cultural impact determination are non bias. In determining all the dimensions, I must consider that functional role remains constant across all countries. When I am developing a design for a ...
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The point that cuts across in the article is that having an understanding of other people cultures has proved to be highly beneficial to businesses when given a…
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